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(Disclaimer: Please make yourself aware of the information below before ordering.)


Hello Customers!


Here at The Pouch Co, We want to keep things 100% transparent with our customers.

Pre COVID-19, the shipping of most online purchases relied on commercial airlines to ship orders internationally to customers. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many airlines have temporarily limited the number of commercial flights, keeping public health and safety at the forefront.

We want to offer the best possible solution to our customers so to combat the lack of availability and long wait times to deliver by air, all shipments to the US will be shipped via cargo ships (by boat) and all orders to the EU will be shipped via train.

This means that shipping times are currently:

- 15-30 days to the US.

- 7-20 days to the EU & UK.

15-40 days to the AU & NZ.

These shipping times are only temporary. Once opportunity opens up to begin delivering by air again, we will of course be all over it.

If you wish to track your order you can still do so via your Order Status Page.

We thank you for your patience and hope that you are staying safe during this time.


Kind regards,

The Pouch Co.


Worldwide Shipping Time:


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